I came close to skipping Christmas this year. Usually I look forward to the season with (give or take) the same giddy sense of magic that defined the holiday when I was still young enough to believe in Santa Claus. I love the long dark nights leading up to the solstice. I love the glare […]

Die-hard fans of Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band have always known that the live shows were about desire, spirit, and the desire for spirit. In other words, church. Atheist friends will probably want to stop right reading here because I’m about to go unabashedly Holy Ghost on your asses and I’m gonna want an […]

Dear Other Pale Straight People: Let me begin by reassuring you that I get it. It sucks to watch society revolve away from the familiar shapes and sights that have defined our realities since infancy. The world we are born into is the world that we believe is real in the metaphysical sense. Watching our […]

Usually I sit down to blog with a single topic in mind. This morning, after waking to the terrific news that my fellow Amur’cuns are more sane than I dared hope, to my daughter’s birthday, and to a freshly restored can-do attitude, I have a cluster of thoughts instead of a thesis. ***************** Nineteen-eighty-four was […]

It is no secret that I am accident-prone. When I was about 5 I fell into a hole outside of Sunday School class and tore up my knee on a broken beer bottle. (No idea how a beer bottle found its way to Baptist church.) I started 1st grade with a black eye because I […]

As recently as a month ago, if someone had asked if I would ever write about my rape, I would have responded with an emphatic “no way!”  I honor the women who had the courage to write about sexual assault in the 1960s and ’70s, but over the years the topic became a sort of […]

I have been thinking a lot about Les Miserables in the last few days.  Almost everyone knows the basic story:  an impoverished man commits a petty theft to feed his starving family, is caught, arrested, imprisoned,  makes an escape, and invents his life anew.  JeanValjean’s post-escape life brings goodness but no peace,  for there is one […]