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Post-script to A Christmas Carol (in which Scrooge reconsiders)

Ten years have gone by since The Night. That the experience changed me, there can be no doubt. Whether I perceive that this change was for the better or worse depends upon my frame of mind. On pleasant days, I remember the spirits with gratitude, for I now have many friends, a full social calendar, […]

A Party Girl Retires (and Why It’s Not a Tragedy)

Last week’s fiftieth anniversary of JFK’s assassination brought about yet another Baby Boomer orgy of self-adulation. With this generation, of course, any sixties-tinged event can spark such a debauch. Kellogg discontinues a favorite old breakfast cereal? Frosted Krispies porn shows up all over the web. Some snot-nose Millennial compares a talented new band to the […]


On January 16, 1933, Mrs. Hazel Pace gave birth to a little boy. This was child number five and it is unlikely that the family was thrilled about having another mouth to feed. The Great Depression was picking up momentum in 1933, but the Paces had been poor long before the economy crashed. Hazel’s husband, […]

my year in kindlenookbooks

2012 was the year that I embraced the miracle of e-books. When the technology first reached the mainstream, I swore to the mighty gods of codex that I would never abandon paper and ink. Oh, the silly things we say in ignorance. Actually, I downloaded my first e-book late in the Fall semester of 2011. […]

somehow or other, it came just the same

I came close to skipping Christmas this year. Usually I look forward to the season with (give or take) the same giddy sense of magic that defined the holiday when I was still young enough to believe in Santa Claus. I love the long dark nights leading up to the solstice. I love the glare […]

church. with springsteen and ghosts.

Die-hard fans of Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band have always known that the live shows were about desire, spirit, and the desire for spirit. In other words, church. Atheist friends will probably want to stop right reading here because I’m about to go unabashedly Holy Ghost on your asses and I’m gonna want an […]

open letter to my fellow heterosexual caucasians

Dear Other Pale Straight People: Let me begin by reassuring you that I get it. It sucks to watch society revolve away from the familiar shapes and sights that have defined our realities since infancy. The world we are born into is the world that we believe is real in the metaphysical sense. Watching our […]