If you are lucky enough to have the day off–and shelter of your own–this is a cold but cozy Sunday in St. Louis. At this moment yellow candle flames offset the blue-chill light coming from my windows. Coffee brews. The dog is happy-grunting next to the space heater and I am wearing this wonderful fleece […]

My credentials for writing an analysis of what happened in Ferguson, Missouri are nonexistent. I am not an expert on politics, law, or crime forensics. I hold an MA in Literature. The only thing that I have to offer is a well-developed eye for problem areas in plot development. It is possible that any assumption […]

Liminal: “Occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold. (OED online) Anvil: “A heavy block of existential dread that somehow hovers and follows one around in spite of its weight.” (Rebecca’s Big Book of Flexible Definitions) Tomorrow is my fifty-ninth birthday and I don’t remember ever being so ambivalent about […]

Ten years have gone by since The Night. That the experience changed me, there can be no doubt. Whether I perceive that this change was for the better or worse depends upon my frame of mind. On pleasant days, I remember the spirits with gratitude, for I now have many friends, a full social calendar, […]

Last week’s fiftieth anniversary of JFK’s assassination brought about yet another Baby Boomer orgy of self-adulation. With this generation, of course, any sixties-tinged event can spark such a debauch. Kellogg discontinues a favorite old breakfast cereal? Frosted Krispies porn shows up all over the web. Some snot-nose Millennial compares a talented new band to the […]

On January 16, 1933, Mrs. Hazel Pace gave birth to a little boy. This was child number five and it is unlikely that the family was thrilled about having another mouth to feed. The Great Depression was picking up momentum in 1933, but the Paces had been poor long before the economy crashed. Hazel’s husband, […]

2012 was the year that I embraced the miracle of e-books. When the technology first reached the mainstream, I swore to the mighty gods of codex that I would never abandon paper and ink. Oh, the silly things we say in ignorance. Actually, I downloaded my first e-book late in the Fall semester of 2011. […]